Aurora, NE Skatepark

Address: 300 16th Street Aurora, NE 68818

Ideal Hours: 5 am -11 pm

Restrooms: Yes

Lights: Yes

Cost: Free

Nearby Skate Shops: None

Nearby Food/Gas: Casey’s General Store

Spot Description: The Aurora, Nebraska skatepark is made of movable “skatewave” pieces. They are in different configurations every time you go, which is bad sometimes, but at least you know people are using the park. 

The west side has a couple parts of the pyramid left. It used to have a hip and rails, but now is just a bump-to-bump with banks and launchers. There is also a picnic table and a grind rail. The east side has a great box for grinds and manuals, a tall box, a rail, un-skateable stairs to nowhere and a 3 and 5 foot quarter. Overall, a fun little park to skate when you don’t have anything better. The only real problem is that everything is focused on the south side of the park, so you end up doing a lot of pushing. (via SkateHive)