Blair, NE Skatepark

Address: 218 S 16th Blair, NE 68008

Ideal Hours: 5 am -11 pm



Cost: Free

Nearby Skate Shops: None

Nearby Food/Gas: None

Spot Description: A “Skatewave” park with all metal ramps and banks that ride nice and smooth without being too slick thanks to their trademarked polyester powder coat on everything. The three boxes weigh a ton but aren’t anchored down, so they can be moved around a little to setup something unique. The flat rail location and design is something out of a horrible Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 custom park design though. The cement the park is built on is really nice, but the strange thing you’ll notice right away is that the park is built on an incline. 

Skating the park from east to west can get very tiring because it takes twice as much speed as you’d normally need. On the flip side skating the park from west to east is money because you never have to push. Definitely pack your swimming trunks because it’s hard to beat having a park right next to a really nice swimming pool. (via SkateHive)