Columbus, NE Skatepark

Address: 3rd Street and 26th Ave Berne Square Park Columbus, NE 68601

Ideal Hours: 5 am -11 pm



Cost: Free

Nearby Skate Shops: None

Nearby Food/Gas: None

Spot Description: The park is on the edge of the city park on a perfect cement. The surface of the ramps and ledges slides perfect, but doesn’t slip out like metal ramps. 

Watch out for BMX peg holes here and there on the ramps though. The angle iron and coping is a galvanized metal that grinds perfect, but the pyramid ledges have been hit pretty hard by BMX bikes and is pretty much ruined. Helmets are required, but it’s hit or miss whether or not they will be enforced. The locals told us some of the cops will stop and give you trouble and write you a ticket. (via SkateHive)